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Rule-Following. From Imitation to the Normative Mind

Rule-Following. From Imitation to the Normative Mind

Autor: Bartosz Brożek
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ISBN: 978-83-7886-002-0 Okładka: twarda, obwoluta
Liczba stron: 228 s. Rok wydania: 2012

In this book, Bartosz Brożek attempts to decipher the practice of rule-following with the use of the tools offered both by contemporary philosophy and neuroscience. The Author claims – in the Wittgensteinian spirit – that rule-following cannot be thought of in terms of individual mental states only: in order to explain what rules are, one needs to consider rule-following to be a communal practice. This stance is supported by a number of evolutionary scenarios and neuroscientific theories. The monograph culminates in an explication of rule-following in language, morality and mathematics.

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