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Studies in the Philosophy of Law vol. 7. Game Theory and the Law

Studies in the Philosophy of Law vol. 7. Game Theory and the Law

Autor: ed. Jerzy Stelmach and Wojciech Załuski
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ISBN: 9788362259182 Okładka: twarda z obwolutą
Liczba stron: 250 s. Rok wydania: 2011

Game theory is a mathematical the-ory of strategic interactions between rational agents. It has been widely, and with much success, applied in various areas of social sciences, espe-cially economics and sociology. How-ever, it has been relatively rarely used in the analyses pursued within legal theory and legal dogmatics. The pre-sent volume is intended to fill in – at least to a certain extent – this gap: the general message of the most of the papers collected in it is that game theory can be a useful tool also for legal scholars. It contains, though, also two skeptical voices regarding the applicability of game theory in legal analysis.

Part I. Applications of Game Theory in Legal Analysis
Giovanni Sartor
Doing Justice to Rights and Values: Teleological Reasoning and Proportionality
Wojciech Załuski
A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Justice as Mutual Advantage
Bartosz Brożek
Games, Trees and Deontic Logic
Arthur Dyevre
Game Theory and Judicial Behaviour
Mariusz J. Golecki
A Game-Theoretic Solution to the Problem of Reciprocity and Fairness in Contracts
Wojciech Załuski
On the Applications of Game Theory in Contract Law
Łukasz Kurek
Moral Emotions as Evaluations and Their Role in Decision Making
Part II. Some Doubts about the Applicability of Game Theory in Legal Analysis
Tomasz Pietrzykowski
In Our Minds. Descriptive Accounts of Practical Rationality
Eunate Mayor
Traditional Legal Analysis: Its Cognitive Weaknesses
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